Using the Audit Log

April 18, 2024 at 11:39 PM UTC

Audit Log RCON

Do you want to see what your admins are up to? Concerned about a breach of your organization’s data security? Audit logs are for you.

Many aren’t aware that the audit log exists.

Audit logs are available for any information that belongs to an organization. Our API uses a unique resource name and id for information returned to a client. We log the action taken, the resource type, and id for every resource a user interacts with along with some other useful information.

Viewing the Audit Log

The audit log can be accessed in two main ways.

You can view an unfiltered audit log by going to your organization and clicking “Audit Log”.

You will also find audit log links throughout the BattleMetrics interface. These links will take you to the audit log page already filtered to only show the resources related to what you are looking at. This is the easiest way to find something specific in the audit log. Look for the following symbol on one of the RCON pages (bans, player pages, organization, etc):

Log Storage

Audit logs are stored for every organization for three (3) days. For Enterprise users, that period is increased to thirty (30) days.


Some resources are exempt from audit logging.


Audit logs are only available to an organization’s owner by default. The “View Organization Audit Log” permission found under “Organization Management” may be granted to other members.

Data Sharing and Logging Rules

Audit log messages are associated with a single organization. Here are some general rules:

Information Available

The following information is logged with every audit log message.