Reforger Support Added

May 1, 2024 at 1:00 AM UTC

Arma Reforger RCON Changelog

Support for Arma Reforger is now live on the website. We have a full server list and RCON support.

Our server list is using the Reforger master server list for updates. We are not using direct Steam queries currently. The server list includes most useful information. There is currently no way to obtain a public player list.

Unfortunately Steam query support is not enabled by default and the query port is not included in the master server list response.

RCON is very limited. Currently Reforger only supports kick, restart (Scenario), shutdown (Server), and ban commands. We did not find any way to send or receive chat.

The Reforger player list returns a unique Reforger UUID for each player. As far as we know there is no way to get a Steam ID, BattlEye GUID, IP, or ping for players like there is in Arma and DayZ.

Additionally Reforger appears to use a modified BattlEye RCON protocol. We had difficulty with the protocol and expect that command responses may be unreliable.

Please contact us with any issues you encounter that are not already covered above!

If you don’t already have an RCON Plan, you can subscribe here: